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Society, now at UPES



UPES ACM-W is an associated student chapter established 5 years after UPES ACM, with the prime objective of empowering women in technology while promoting practical technological knowledge in young university students. We work round-the-clock to hone the adroit programmer in our girl members through many events, workshops, fests, contests, and talks all year long. Our student body is headed by confident and proficient members who work seamlessly for this cause.

The UPES ACM-W Student Chapters excel in delivering educational sessions and organising engaging workshops, seminars, entertaining events, and coding competitions. Our perseverance has led to remarkable growth, overcoming challenges along the way.

Our Committees


The Chapter's backbone,  the Technical Team not only designs the websites and apps for the Chapter,  but also propogates the culture of coding across entire UPES   and works on projects that help students learn.


The brain of the chapter, this vivacious team is tasked with organizing a variety of events, whether they are technical or fun-filled. Through creative concepts and flawless event execution, the Events team makes sure that attendees enjoy every minute from conception to conclusion.

Public Relations, and Sponsorship

This committee is the face of the chapter. The PR and Sponsorship team puts in immeasurable efforts to secure sponsorships for the events, responds to inquiries, and tries to increase the chapter’s.


In addition to being the brainchild behind the Chapter's formal communications and blogs,  the Editorial Team is also responsible for documenting the Chapter's daily proceedings.

Design & VFX

This distinguished committee is the creative house of the chapters. The Design and VFX team always leads from the forefront by fabricating breathtaking videos and developing visually appealing graphic material such as images and animations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being the reflection of the chapter’s ethics and deeds, the CSR committee curates activities that help contribute to the upliftment of society. It promotes education, and vocational skills among young children.

Social Media

The Social Media Committee is responsible for innovatively using social media platforms as a means to connect and engage members, grow the membership base, and come up with strategies to increase the chapters’ social media presence.


The Logistics committee works behind the scenes to ensure the smooth functioning of every event or activity of the chapters. This team provides back-end support to every other committee by managing all the arrangements flawlessly.


  • Outstanding Chapter Award - 2023

    - Awarded by ACM India

  • Best Student Chapter Award for Outstanding Community Service - 2021

    - Awarded by ACM India

  • Student Chapter Excellence Award Winners for Outstanding Chapter Activities - 2020

    - Awarded by ACM International

  • Best Student Chapter Award (Runner Up) - 2016

    - Awarded by ACM India


Corporate Social Responsibility

“The price of greatness is responsibility.”
― Winston Churchill

CSR, is the integration of socially beneficial programs and practices with the culture of an organisation. UPES ACM & ACM-W Student Chapters believe that it is important to give back to the community and make a positive impact on the world. Some of the CSR initiatives that the chapters have undertaken include, our Plantation Drive in 2021, volunteering at a local school, in December 2022 and a small cleanliness drive near our college in January 2023. We have also been awarded for our CSR Activities by ACM International. We are committed to continuing to undertake CSR initiatives that make a positive impact on the world. We believe that it is important to use our skills and knowledge to help others and make the world a better place.

Code Anytime

“Programming is the art of algorithm design and the craft of debugging errant code”
― Ellen Ullman

Code Anytime, organised by UPES ACM & ACM-W Student Chapters, is a transformative endeavour aimed at fostering a coding culture within our college community through the guidance and mentorship of experienced seniors. Spanning a duration of two months, this initiative brought together participants to collectively engage in coding activities. Whenever participants encountered challenges or obstacles, they sought assistance from the event organisers, who provided comprehensive mentoring and imparted valuable knowledge on efficient coding practices.